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I have loved art and music for as long as I can remember. Even at a young age, I knew both would be a part of my life. When I was 10, I entered one of those "Draw Me" contests in the back of a magazine and I won... a chance to go to their art school. (My parents wouldn't let me go; they knew it was a scam. I got my BFA in Design instead.)

I have been fortunate to turn my love of art into a successful career. I have worked with brilliant, creative people in advertising and marketing and have established a freelance business that has given me the opportunity to work with diverse and interesting clients.

What do I bring to my clients? A solid design foundation, knowledge of advertising and marketing built from years of experience and the promise of good quality work at an affordable rate. And service.I can give you what you want.
But I can also offer creative solutions and visions beyond expectations.


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